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DHPLC Publication List (sorted by categories)

The DHPLC publication list is also available sorted by publication year

small bullet The Method small bullet Single Nucleotide Extension Sequencing and DHPLC
small bullet Sensitivity and Specificity small bullet DNA/RNA Purification
small bullet Mutational Analysis of Candidate Genes small bullet Mass Spectrometry and DHPLC
small bullet BRCA1 & BRCA2 small bullet Quantitation of Gene Expression by DHPLC
small bullet Tuberous Sclerosis small bullet Related Papers
small bullet Mapping and Positional Cloning small bullet Miscellaneous
small bullet Reverse Genetics small bullet Molecular Fingerprinting of Microorganisms
small bullet Human Evolution, Y-Chromosome small bullet DNA Methylation Analysis

The references below are hyper-linked to their abstract via PubMed or, whenever possible, directly to the journal. (Access to journals may require membership or subscription).

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Reverse Genetics
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